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Footprints - is an exhibition of the work of 30 women artists from India, Pakistan, UK, USA and Hong Kong.

These 30 artists have offered their one significant work to represent their contribution to printmaking as women. 28 of them have also given edition of their print for the portfolio exchange between the participating artists. These significant works and prints of participating artists has been displayed in Bangalore and Bombay in July 2006.

Many of the significant works and 12 portfolios of 28 prints is available for sale - proceeds of which will go to Chhaap Foundation for Printmaking Trust.

The project was funded by Mr. Rajendran Nathan of HIVOS. Dr. Devi and entire team of Bhasha center for research and publications, has helped in channeling the entire project and encouragements to such zealous efforts.

The size of each print is approx. 9" x 9"

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