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Mapping of Printmaking Practices and Creative Spaces

Chhaap was founded in 1999 with the aim to raise awareness about the discipline of printmaking and provide artists with a platform to practice. In the past 21 years we have witnessed technological advancements, a change in dialogues and temperaments in our field and a fresh array of ideas from our fellow artists. Keeping close attention to the role we play, Chhaap is expanding into a research cell to identify the gaps in lieu of various developments in the way we communicate, interact and participate within the community of printmakers. 


We hope our findings can lay the groundwork for development and (un)learning concepts to further the scope of art practices (particularly printmaking) in and outside Baroda. We look forward to collaborations, challenges, and experiences so support and help can be extended to all.

As a precautionary measure against Covid-19 both, Rukshaan Art and AQ@Priyasri - The Artist Studio founded in 2009 and 2003 respectively, were temporarily closed. We regret our inability to visit two of the earliest spaces nurturing young artists and hope to extend our research with them in the further stages. 

We extend our gratitude towards Gallery Ark for hosting us during the initial stages of the research. 

The project was initiated and conceptualized in December, 2020 by Mrunmayee Das during the course of her internship with us. She also photographed and wrote the content for us. 

The banner and maps were illustrated by Yash Desai who is a Vadodara based visual artist and designer. 

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