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The residency operates throughout the year. During the period between Septembers to March this region witnesses a pleasant weather. Artist can stay in the studio which has two etching presses, hotplate and aquabox, along with a guest room with attached bathroom and kitchen. Artists who wish a more private and secluded space can be accommodated in a separate apartment.

Visiting artist is expected to conduct a short workshop on any art media they like and present their work to local artists and students. At the end of their stay, a small informal exhibition of the work produced at the studio is organized by us.


Keeping in mind the comfort of the artists Chhaap has created an environment where they have access to all modern amenities and can stay connected to the world. The kitchen is equipped with all modern appliances for artists who wish to cook. The studio has two etching presses, hotplate, aquabox, light box amongst other equipment.


  • Internet Connection

  • Library

  • Office

  • Kitchen

  • Computer

  • Printmaking facilities

Type and size of studios

  • Live-work space


  • Large Room (Attached Toilet, Bath and Terrace):-1100 USD



Our residency program is customized to support the specific needs of artists working in all media and disciplines, from around the world. For artists, residencies usually vary in length from one to three months.

Chhaap Provides :

1. "Pre-residency" Support:

Before your arrival, we:
-Reach out to the individuals and organizations in our network whose interests best align with your project;
-Make arrangements for studio visits and other activities that will maximize your exposure while at Chhaap;
-Get your accommodation and studio space ready;
-Mobilize the research, technical and other resources you will need during your time in residency.

2. A Multifunctional Work, Meeting and Presentation Space:

The Chhaap Foundation space operates simultaneously as a work, meeting and presentation space. This helps the artists in the following:
-Non-studio-based artistic and curatorial projects(*);
-Discussions, workshops, studio visits and informal gatherings;
-Public presentations with screenings, talks, performances and short-term exhibitions.
(*) Should you require a designated studio during your time in residency, we will help you secure an affordable space that suits your needs.

3. Production support:

Our staff is dedicated to the successful development of your work and implementation of your project, and we are always available to provide assistance. Together, we have expertise spanning many areas:
-Technology: digital media, website development, and electronic equipment;
-Logistics: sourcing materials, installation and de-installation, transportation, and access to other resources as required by your project;
-Research: locating resources, obtaining access to local libraries, museums and archives.

4. Exposure:

During your residency, you will build lasting connections within our vast network of curators, gallerists, critics, artists and scholars. We will organize weekly individual studio visits
- In addition, you will be part of our programming. Each month we program Public events featuring exhibitions, discussions and screenings with new work and findings by our artists. These activities are held at our space or at partnering venues.

5. Selection Process:

The selection process ranges from an open call application and panel process to nominations or by invitation depending on the project, the type of residency and the partnering organization. Applications are always reviewed by a panel of Chhaap affiliates.
Please sign up for our mailing list and friend us on Facebook to stay up to date on upcoming opportunities including those at Chhaap

6. How to Apply:

There are two main methods of applying for a Chhaap Residency:
-Contact Us: Directly inquire about the Chhaap Residency, availability and further details.
-Open Calls: Sign up to our mailing list to stay informed of future open calls.

We look forward to hear from you!


Participants of our residency program are expected to abide by the terms of Chhaap foundation. The following are the terms and conditions which the participants are expected to abide by.

- The Chhaap Foundation has the copyright to the name and logo of Chhaap. Use of the logo or name without prior permission is a punishable offense.
- Chhaap Foundation will use the Artist's name and photograph on the Chhaap website and other published material for promotional purposes.
- Chhaap foundation reserves all rights of the photographs taken during the residency period for their further use.
- Chhaap requires the participants to donate one work to the Chhaap Foundation.
- We expect the participants to maintain basic level of cleanliness and have judicious use of the resources provided by Chhaap.
- We also expect the participants to abide by the law of the land and maintain all necessary paper work such and visa and passport etc with them at all times.
- We request participants to get necessary vaccinations and medications before planning their trip
- All participants are expected to abide by the payment procedures and other official paper work immediately after booking their residency schedules


To apply please download the below document, fill and E-mail us to on

Attach your C.V/Resume and a Statement of Purpose along with the Residency Registration Form in Word Format.

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