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studio vichitra

Started in 2016, Studio Vichitra is a self-funded printmaking facility run by Dushyant Patel with an aim to support young and upcoming artists. 

The idea for the studio was born out of the founder’s own need for a similar set-up when he was a student. The artists have the option to live and work in the studio. Apart from this, other facilities, equipment and materials are provided leaving only the cost of plates and papers to the artist. A majority of the practitioners are recent graduates from the Department of Graphics, Faculty of Fine Arts, Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda where Dushyant himself has worked as a technical assistant eleven years. 

The studio funds itself by technically assisting senior artists who may not necessarily have a background in printmaking. One of the key aims is to introduce 10 young printmakers every year through exhibitions, shows and portfolios. 

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